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Blended Yarn

We also manufacture blended yarns. In the process of blending, we combine fibers of different origins, length, colour and thicknesses. The blended yarn is known for its durability, easy maintenance and anti-shrink properties. We manufacture polyester and viscose yarns, polyester and cotton (combed or carded), polyester and multi fold cotton yarns and viscose and linen blended yarns.

  • Blended Yarn
  • Blended Yarn


  • 8′s to 40′s Polyester + Viscose mainly in the blends of 65:35 and 52:48
  • 6′s to 30′s Polyester + Cotton (Carded) in the blends of 65:35, 52:48, 40:60 & 80:20
  • 6′s to 40′s Polyester + Cotton (Combed) in the blends of 65:35, 52:48 & 40:60 (Ne)
  • 6′s to 20′s Polyester + Cotton Multifold yarns upto 5 ply (Enduse Carpet & Industrial applications.
  • 8′S to 40′S Viscose + Linen in blend 70:30 in counts 612 both single and multifold with and without slub (End use mainly for Furnishing fabrics)

Packaging & Loadability

  • 1.890 Kgs per cone
  • 24 such cones in a carton to make 45.360 Kgs
  • 420 such 5 Ply Seaworthy carton in a 40 Ft Container (19,051.200 Kgs)
  • 210 such 5 Ply Seaworthy carton in a 20 Ft Container (9,525.600 Kgs)

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